Mission Statement & Core Values

We view our mission statement and core values as guardrails. They help ensure we are headed in the right direction and remain focused on the path. Our family takes these seriously. We reflect on them regularly in order to make decisions. They define our purpose.

We share them here as a commitment to being accountable and in hopes they inspire you and your family.

Our Mission Statement

We have a debt to those before us and an obligation to those after us. We maximize life and potential through heart, intelligence, and grit. We focus on our bond. We do all of this together because we are always stronger together. Mostest.

Our Core Values

  • Mostest
  • Service
  • Integrity in Our Relationships and Actions
  • Calmness and Stillness Facilitate Happiness (aka No Fucking Drama)
  • Committed Effort Over Results
  • Grit
  • Respect People, Time, and Talent