Back to Blogging – Why? and Why Now?

I have decided to start blogging again. There are two primary reasons for this – personal and professional/industry.

The first and foremost is that I want to keep a record of things that have been happening in my personal life. Time seems to be accelerating. My three children are growing up so fast. I want a record of these events and life milestones. The odd thing is that I think back more upon the minor events more than the milestones. It’s important for me to record these. One day, I hope to look back and smile at the person I am today and these memories with my family.

Professionally, the IT industry is changing. Open source is one of those major factors. Our company, Contegix, is experiencing phenomenal growth and owes a good amount of the growth to open source – the code and the community. I want some place to talk about this and these changes. Finally, in the end, owning a business and being able to impact lives and the world is as much personal as it is business.

So what led to this decision? Perhaps, a little bit more free time in my life. Perhaps, a major milestone approaching in less than 24 hours. Honestly, I am not sure why this was the point I wanted to start again. Yet, here I am with my first post of hopefully many.

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