Sad Day – Missing Family Member (Lost Dog)

It’s a relatively sad day for the Porter family. We have been searching for Ike since January 7th but are losing hope. It started when I let him out early that morning. Since then, Saint Louis has been plagued with exceptionally cold weather. Almost every night, Avery expresses her concerns and tells us how much she misses and loves Ike. It absolutely breaks our hearts.

Personally, I am beginning to believe someone has him and is keeping him. Our flyers and posters are “mysteriously” disappearing around the neighborhood.

4 thoughts on “Sad Day – Missing Family Member (Lost Dog)

  1. My family experienced something similar a few years back with our min pin when we lived in lake st. louis, mo. I tied him out for about a half hour, when I went to let him in, he was gone. We had put up flyers everwhere, and finally got a response. Luckily for us, a neighbor remembered seeing a man putting a dog that looked like ours in his van and driving away. It turned out that the man who took our dog was a construction worker who was working on a house a few blocks away. We contacted his employer and got his home address. Then we contacted the police and had an officer meet us at the man’s residence. Sure enough, there was our dog in the back yard of the man’s Ofallon home. After being missing for nearly 2 1/2 months, we finally got our dog back! The whole time, he was just one town away. My point is, do you or any of your neighbors remember seeing any strangers around your home during the time your dog went missing? Just a suggestion, you might want to try going door to door. Also, my family and I moved to St. Charles a few years back, so if I see your puppy around town, you better believe I’ll be contacting the police, or animal control, and leaving a comment here. Good Luck!

  2. If he was missing in March and not January i might of seen him. I’m certain this isn’t Ike after looking at the photo but he does look similar to the one i saw running around by central school road. I have 3 generations of chihuahuas and i totaly understand how your family must feel. If i can be of any help please let me know.. [email protected] Good luck in your search…

  3. I live in Cape Girardeau, MO (about 2hrs south of STL). I know it is a stretch, but my wife found a small Pug on Hwy 177 last Saturday w/o a collar. He is about 8 to 10lbs and looks very similar to the Pug in your photo. He was pretty hungry and very friendly. We have been taking care of him since then. He is an intact male. Upon your request, I can send a photo if you think he may be your missing dog. We already have two dogs which this little guy is getting along with famously, but he has been trying to establish his dominance with our AmStaff but is only met with playful response. Three is too many for our household right now. We have 6 month old baby and are planning to have another within a years time. Anyway, let me know if you want any more information on him.

  4. Attached are some photos of my our dear dog Laddie.
    He has been missing since 6:30 AM this morning from 140 Bayhill Village – O’Fallon. MO.
    Please call Cheryl Qualley at 636-248-3376 if you have seen my dog. I am out of town on business and the dog has been missing since this morning.
    I am just heartbroken about this and I don’t know what I will do if I can’t find my dog.. He has never ran off like this before.


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