Obama, Train Your Campaign Callers : “I am not asking for your vote. I am asking for your money.”

Choosing a political party has always been a difficult task for me. I am fiscally conservative but am relatively socially liberal. For example, I believe in small government, but one that should help its citizens and not care what happens in their private lives. I could honestly see myself voting for Ron Paul or Michael Bloomberg, should he ever announce. Right or wrong, I am registered as a Democrat despite voting for approximately 45% Republicans in the last election.

This means I get calls from the campaigns of our current batch of Democratic candidates. This included a call from a campaigner of Barrack Obama last Thursday. Here is an adhoc transcript of this insane call.

Campaigner (C):Hi, is Matthew there?
Me (M): Yes, this is he.
C: I am calling on behalf of President Obama… err, I mean Mr. Obama. As you know, he is running for Presidential.
M: Umm, ok.
C: The primary in Missouri is a tough race between Mr. Obama, Mr. Edwards, and Hillary. Can you make a donation of $150 to help Mr. Obama change America?
M: I can not make a donation right now. I don’t know if I will be voting for Mr. Obama in the primary.
C: Sir, I am not asking for your vote. I am just asking for your money, for a donation to Mr. Obama’s campaign.
M: Yeah, well. If I am not sure I am going to vote for Obama or even as a Democrat, why would I donate money to his campaign?!
C: Have you heard him speak?
M: Yes, I subscribe to his podcast.
C: Why won’t you vote for him then?
M: That’s a personal question. I don’t think I am not going to discuss that with you.
C: (rudely) Why not? You should talk to me about it.
M: No, I think I am done and now won’t vote for Obama. CLICK

This is just sad. My first impression with a live member on behalf of Barrack Obama, a candidate running for “Presidential”, is a person who sounded illiterate and was utterly rude. The line about not asking for my vote but my money signifies the view most people have of politicians – they are in it for the money and power.

Personally, I think this is just a poor campaigner. I do not think it reflects “President Obama” nor how his campaign is run. I have no clue who will earn my vote. Yet, it was funny enough to post in honor of the Iowa caucus today.

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