Cloud Templates – What Do You Want To See?

When we began building Contegix, we realized it was always about the applications. No one buys a server (physical or virtual) to run a ping and get some ICMP packets. The Internet has, and always will be, about the applications. Therefore, we made the application infrastructure the core of our management and focus of our hosting services.

As we build out cloud templates, we want to extend this belief into the templates themselves. It can not be about just the operating system. Each template has been built “The Contegix Way”. These are built using the components and deployment methodologies that have served our customers for years and continue to do so today. Some of these target developers, some for system administrator implementors, and some target application users. Below is our list, but we want your feedback.

For developers:

For system administrators / application implementors:

For application users:

Yet, we want to hear – what do you want to see in a cloud template and ready to deploy in less than 5 minutes? Please leave comments.

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