Daily Grateful – Newspaper Delivery

One of the biggest lessons I learned the EO MIT Entrepreneurial Masters Program was from one of the last instructors/teachers/presenters, Barrett Ersek.  It was the core lesson of his presentation, but a gem he quickly talked about.  Everyday I am trying to find something for which I am grateful.

I noted this lesson to a fellow Contegian who asked me today what it was.  The answer is “home delivery newspapers”.  Why?

Oddly, it came from a minor inconvenience.  I dropped off the children at grandma’s this morning.  For one reason or another, no one heard us ring the door bell or knock on the door for ten minutes.  Yes, this went on for TEN MINUTES.   My 5-yo son Gabe decided he had waited long enough.  So, he grabbed the newspaper waiting on the porch and began to smack the door while yelling “Let me in! I can’t take this any more. We are burning up.”

So why am I grateful?  Because that simple newspaper in the hands of my son made me laugh with full abandonment. It took me out of the thoughts of a stressful day ahead.

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