MiraCloud- CloudStack and The Commitment to Open Source

Contegix has always been a service company. We utilize and embrace core, foundational technology to deliver technology as a service for our customers. Our amazing customer base has taken our deliverable and built their ideas and dreams on it. As we call it, we provide “technology to empower ideas”. It’s more than a simple tagline. It’s part of our core and mission here.



When we were evaluating technology to build and deploy MiraCloud, our public and private cloud service, there were numerous choices, especially given some of our long term vendor relationships. We had significant requirements that made a single vendor choice for the entire stack both ideal and, yet, nearly impossible. A single large vendor would help ensure the foundation of MiraCloud’s technology would remain resilient and viable long-term. However, it would have been difficult to embrace the multi-hypervisor approach. Enter CloudStack.

After significant analysis, we decided upon Cloud.com (now part of Citrix) CloudStack as the foundation of MiraCloud. It was the DNA of the product and its development that made the difference and helped ensure the longterm viability of the technology. This is critical for the protection of our customers. CloudStack’s distributed, resilient architecture made it suitable for our large customer base – from start up to enterprise. It had the demonstrated stability of being in hundreds of private and public production clouds. Due to the hypervisor-agnostic approach, we were able to embrace our view of the modern infrastructure where hypervisors are mixed and matched based upon the financial and technical workload requirements.

For our enterprise customer needs, we were able to harness of the power of enterprise grade hardware and the battle tested VMware hypervisor. This built the foundation of MiraCloud’s enterprise class. For those with lower requirements, MiraCloud is able to provide KVM and Xen to build the respective convenience and business classes. With CloudStack’s architecture as the foundation, MiraCloud is able to deliver the mixture in a secure public environment with single API and web interfaces.

CloudStack’s core has always been open source. This was an important aspect as it helped minimize the risk of vendor lock-in, deliver compatibility with industry standards, and honored our commitment to open source.

We are ecstatic to see the CloudStack product become part of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). ASF is known for being the home of the numerous software projects that are critical to the modern Internet infrastructure. This includes Apache HTTP Server, Tomcat, Maven, and Hadoop. CloudStack joining ASF represents a production-ready enterprise cloud platform fully embracing the power of open source through a deep commitment. This will ensure that CloudStack is developed in a truly open manner that remains focused on customer needs – beyond what a single entity can do. This will help accelerate the adoption of all cloud technologies, including Apache CloudStack, and build upon the amazing base to empower even more ideas.

Congrats, CloudStack, Citrix, and the overall cloud community!

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