Definition of “Service” and Our Industry

service_defContegix’s industry has gone through a series of name changes in the past 20 years. We have gone from being called “Internet Service Providers” to “Web Hosting Service Providers”. The “Web” was replaced with “Application” and later dropped as companies embraced the value of having all applications available via the internet, not just their website.

A decade ago, Contegix was one of the companies that helped pioneer a higher level of service for these applications. We believe that our customers are more innovative, more productive, and genuinely better run businesses when they are focused on their specific uniqueness rather than hardware and application infrastructure. Thus, the term “Managed Service Provider” was born. This is was specifically true for our managed services as we often push down into the application infrastructure.

In the past few years, the term “cloud” has become ubiquitious. This has led to Contegix being referred to as a “Cloud Service Provider”. Today, we use this term and often extend it to “Managed Cloud Service Provider” when describing what we do. We still passionately believe that managed services are what often help companies drive the benefit of IT.

The commonality used throughout this evolving name change has been the phrase “service provider”.

At our core, we provide our customers service as defined by “the action of helping or doing work for someone”. It’s represented in our core values. We believe in our mission to help lift the burden of technology. For many, this is through our private cloud solutions while others it may be colocation. For all, it includes our Go Beyond philosophy of service. As a “service provider” we can think of no greater privilege than the opportunity to deliver outstanding service and support to our customers on a consistent basis. We embrace the service provider label and regardless of what future descriptors are bestowed upon our industry, we will always remain true to our core and who we are.

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