MS Awareness Week 2020 – Day 1 #ThisIsMS

Today is the start of MS Awareness Week.

It was a hard decision to become public about having MS for numerous reasons. The biggest was that I wasn’t being authentic. I wasn’t honoring our family mission statement, and I needed to own that.

I stepped out to help those who also have MS and those who have given up against the struggles in their lives. I was exhausted from seeing all the bad stories of those with MS. It didn’t tell the full story. It didn’t tell how hard they fought. I didn’t see enough stories about those who are fighting everyday.

Sometimes we fall down (figuratively and literally), but sometimes we succeed… and succeed just because we are strong enough to fight.

Today’s post is from the end of Leadville 2018. A guy with MS who could have walking stripped from him fought for nearly 30 hours to run 100 miles.

Oh, I am headed back again this year. Because… #thisisms

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