How the World Gets It Wrong: When A Person Is Devalued

In a world where time is irreplaceable, and material assets are easily quantifiable, what happens when your most intimate asset—your talent—is undervalued or misunderstood? Talent is more than a skill; it’s the essence of who you are. But what factors distort its value? Whether it’s being evaluated in the wrong context, assessed based on incomplete information, or subject to someone else’s insecurities, recognizing your true worth often requires finding the right place.

The Endurance of Care: Why Treating the Person Matters in Health, Business, and Beyond

In a world often hyper-focused on quick fixes and narrow solutions, this post explores the profound necessity of treating individuals as complete entities, especially in healthcare. Drawing from my own experience with multiple sclerosis, Stoic philosophy, and an endurance athlete’s mindset, I argue for a comprehensive approach that considers emotional, physical, and psychological aspects of a person. This strategy, as it turns out, transcends healthcare and is vital for any service-oriented industry, including business.

Life’s Natural Rhythms: Expansion, Contraction, and Concentration

Recently, Gabe asked me if I had any advice before he headed off to college, a question almost every parent looks forward to. After reflecting for a moment, I told him to say, “Yes,” to as many things as possible as he was entering a stage of expansion. I shared with him a belief thatContinue reading “Life’s Natural Rhythms: Expansion, Contraction, and Concentration”

Prevalent Emotion During These Unprecedented Times

The world is on lockdown. The stock market is volatile. Unemployment has set multiple records and not in a good way. Politicians are acknowledging death. None of that might compare to the deprivation of human connection.  We are socially distancing from people we love… or even like. We yearn for human connections beyond those displayedContinue reading “Prevalent Emotion During These Unprecedented Times”

Pain Is Also Contagious

In 2016, neuroscientists published a paper entitled, “Social Transfer of Pain In Mice” in Science Advances. The experiment tested pain experience and tolerance in three different groups of mice. The first group underwent controlled changes to have a more acute feeling of pain. The remaining two groups were unchanged. Researchers then conducted a series ofContinue reading “Pain Is Also Contagious”

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