More Than Just the Right Person in the Right Seat (aka Why You Are Only Getting a 40% On This Test)

In the realm of corporate recruitment, the commonly espoused idea of finding the “right person for the right seat on the bus” is a well-known concept. However, Matthew Porter, a seasoned entrepreneur and former CEO, argues that this mantra, while valuable, only addresses two out of five critical components for successful hiring. He emphasizes that these two factors, though important, may not capture the depth needed for a successful employment relationship.

Porter introduces a more comprehensive approach to recruitment that involves considering the right company, person, seat, time, and cost. He believes that companies should take responsibility for ensuring a genuine match between the organization and the candidate, emphasizing that it’s not just about suitability but a deeper alignment of values, culture, and vision.

How the World Gets It Wrong: When A Person Is Devalued

In a world where time is irreplaceable, and material assets are easily quantifiable, what happens when your most intimate asset—your talent—is undervalued or misunderstood? Talent is more than a skill; it’s the essence of who you are. But what factors distort its value? Whether it’s being evaluated in the wrong context, assessed based on incomplete information, or subject to someone else’s insecurities, recognizing your true worth often requires finding the right place.

The Endurance of Care: Why Treating the Person Matters in Health, Business, and Beyond

In a world often hyper-focused on quick fixes and narrow solutions, this post explores the profound necessity of treating individuals as complete entities, especially in healthcare. Drawing from my own experience with multiple sclerosis, Stoic philosophy, and an endurance athlete’s mindset, I argue for a comprehensive approach that considers emotional, physical, and psychological aspects of a person. This strategy, as it turns out, transcends healthcare and is vital for any service-oriented industry, including business.

Quit Bankrupting Your Business: The Value of Time in Growing a Business

In the hustle and bustle of the world, time is often the most overlooked resource. Yet, it is the one thing that, once spent, can never be regained. Seneca, the Roman philosopher, aptly said, “We’re tight-fisted with property and money, yet think too little of wasting time, the one thing about which we should allContinue reading “Quit Bankrupting Your Business: The Value of Time in Growing a Business”

The People Behind the Brand: Crafting a Compelling Narrative Through Talent

In a world where consumers are bombarded with countless brands vying for their attention, what makes a brand truly stand out? It’s not just the logo, the catchy slogan, or the multi-million-dollar ad campaigns. It’s the people. As leaders, CEOs, and entrepreneurs, understanding the pivotal role your people play in brand narrative is essential. TheyContinue reading “The People Behind the Brand: Crafting a Compelling Narrative Through Talent”

Unacceptable vs. Undesirable: A Crucial Distinction

Over a decade ago, I found myself wrestling with a challenging business decision. A customer, experiencing rapid growth, requested additional services to scale their infrastructure. However, they could not immediately afford it, and they were not entirely sure they would ever be able to afford it. They were in the process of securing more fundingContinue reading “Unacceptable vs. Undesirable: A Crucial Distinction”

Entrepreneurship in My Hometown: Saint Louis’s Spirit of Independence and Neighborly Help

Nestled along the Mississippi’s graceful arcs lies Saint Louis, Missouri. A city I almost left, yet a city that tethered my heartstrings with invisible threads. My wife’s love of the city and the idea of raising a family (near our families) were driving factors in staying. Yet, the very duality I witnessed here – ofContinue reading “Entrepreneurship in My Hometown: Saint Louis’s Spirit of Independence and Neighborly Help”

Life’s Natural Rhythms: Expansion, Contraction, and Concentration

Recently, Gabe asked me if I had any advice before he headed off to college, a question almost every parent looks forward to. After reflecting for a moment, I told him to say, “Yes,” to as many things as possible as he was entering a stage of expansion. I shared with him a belief thatContinue reading “Life’s Natural Rhythms: Expansion, Contraction, and Concentration”

The Art of Writing Effective Board of Director Reports: A Future, Present, Past Narrative

A few years back, a peer saw a copy of a Board of Directors report I submitted as CEO of a company. A Powerpoint presentation accompanied the report, but the report itself had piqued her interest. She specifically wanted to know the reasoning behind the order of topics. Clarity and precision are paramount when communicatingContinue reading “The Art of Writing Effective Board of Director Reports: A Future, Present, Past Narrative”

Unmasking Dissent: Loyalty in Disguise

Breaking the Ice: Bridging Dissent and Loyalty If you’ve ever found yourself holding back a contrary opinion at work, or biting your tongue during a heated family dinner, you’re not alone. The idea of dissent is often shrouded in fear and misunderstanding. However, when I read Ozan Varol‘s telling of Netflix’s 2011 Qwikster saga regardingContinue reading “Unmasking Dissent: Loyalty in Disguise”

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