The Endurance of Care: Why Treating the Person Matters in Health, Business, and Beyond

In a world often hyper-focused on quick fixes and narrow solutions, this post explores the profound necessity of treating individuals as complete entities, especially in healthcare. Drawing from my own experience with multiple sclerosis, Stoic philosophy, and an endurance athlete’s mindset, I argue for a comprehensive approach that considers emotional, physical, and psychological aspects of a person. This strategy, as it turns out, transcends healthcare and is vital for any service-oriented industry, including business.

Prevalent Emotion During These Unprecedented Times

The world is on lockdown. The stock market is volatile. Unemployment has set multiple records and not in a good way. Politicians are acknowledging death. None of that might compare to the deprivation of human connection.  We are socially distancing from people we love… or even like. We yearn for human connections beyond those displayedContinue reading “Prevalent Emotion During These Unprecedented Times”

Stay On The Bike – The One Rule

“There is only one rule. You can’t give up.” This is the advice I give someone when diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. It’s probably the only rule that matters for everyone even Lance Armstrong. I recently heard Jesse Itzler retell a story Lance Armstrong shared with him. Regardless of how one feels about Armstrong, the storyContinue reading “Stay On The Bike – The One Rule”

Leadville Trail 100 Run 2018 – Post Race Report

I started drafting this blog post on the Monday following the Leadville Trail 100 Race. I felt I owed it to myself and everyone who supported me. Thankfully, I did not finish the draft or publish it. It has taken until now (more than 2 weeks later) to come to the point of digesting allContinue reading “Leadville Trail 100 Run 2018 – Post Race Report”

Feedback, Thoughts, and Q&A From “Oh, And I Have Multiple Sclerosis”

When I posted “Oh, and I Have Multiple Sclerosis”,  I had one hope – to share my story in an authentic and honest manner. I did not have any expectations other than a few people reading it. I did not know if I would receive any feedback or responses. Yet, I have been overwhelmed and blessed withContinue reading “Feedback, Thoughts, and Q&A From “Oh, And I Have Multiple Sclerosis””

Oh, and I Have Multiple Sclerosis

I am a (doting, loving) father. I am a (faithful, nightly cuddling, giddy) husband. I am an (intensely loyal) friend. I am an entrepreneur. I am a (math and computer) geek. I am a mentor and a mentee. I am an ultra marathoner. Oh, and I have multiple sclerosis. Three years ago today, Courtney andContinue reading “Oh, and I Have Multiple Sclerosis”